Solar Sheep

Our ladies are doing a great job grazing underneath some solar panels on the farm, green feed for green energy!

Calves out

The grass at Thoresby has been growing really well over the past few weeks and with the weather set fair, we have turned the calves out onto some lovely fresh spring fodder.

Calves are coming

Our Longhorn cattle have come into the snuggly shed ready to calve. We hope that all of the little ones arrive by Christmas.

Scavenger Sheep

Our Hebridean sheep are in amongst the ancient Oak trees nibbling away at the unwanted plant species on the forest floor, allowing the trees to flourish. All part of our vision to re-create the ancient oak woodland from the times of Robin Hood!

The cows are out!

Our longhorns have been taken out to their summer grazing. We use the Longhorns to manage our heritage woodland, they are big, heavy animals with the right hoof print to trample Braken and Brambles.

Keeping the cows fed and watered

Our cows have finished halving their calves so they are back outside where they belong. The are fed a healthy mix of grass silage, Barley and Beans, all grown at Thoresby.