thoresby livestock

Thoresby Livestock is based on the Thoresby estate, with a commercial sheep flock of 1000 commercial ewes, alongside a herd of English Longhorn rare breed cattle and a flock of Hebridean sheep. Each type of animal grazes different vegetation with a different style of browsing or nibbling, which gives the remaining ancient woodland of Sherwood Forest and other local, environmentally important sites the perfect blend of controls to survive for another millennium.

commercial sheep flock

We run a modern, progressive commercial flock using the latest EID technology to monitor and manage performance for optimal gains. We are moving to a closed flock, selling finished lambs with superior genetics.

seasonal heritage grazing

Our English Longhorns can be seen at work in Sherwood Forest, the National Trust’s Clumber Park and on the National Nature Reserve at Budby Heath. English Longhorns are the ideal animals to graze and maintain woodland pasture and heathland. They are heavy beasts which leaves divots wherever they walk. The divots encourage varied and new micro ecosystems to generate bio-diversity. Their wide spread horns help to break up constricting vegetation and cause cows to graze further apart, spreading the benefits.


We run a flock of Hebridean sheep, alongside the cattle, which are prized for their browsing style which complements the Longhorns. The aim is to create as much variety of habitat as possible to allow native species, particularly invertebrates, to recover and thrive.

services offered

The wider Thoresby estate with large forestry and heathland resources is able to collaborate in improving soils with organic matter, weed control and reducing inputs, through carefully managed stocking rates evolved over thirty years of heathland and woodland pasture grazing experience. Thoresby has sufficient in-by land in short and long leys to overwinter flocks and herds which are then used in summer.