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On our Keuper Marl soils we produce biscuit making and feed wheat, feed barley, oilseed rape and field beans. On the Bunter sandstone we produce breadmaking wheat and multiply hybrid seed winter barley for Syngenta.

root crops

We produce approximately 42million potatoes for the table market, supplying supermarket’s directly and via packhouses and merchants.  Our 19 million onions are produced, stored and sold to Moulton Bulb who have a range of outlets from supermarkets to processing markets. The 92 million carrots we grow are supplied to the supermarkets via a range of packers.  The British sugar factory at Newark produces approximately 3.7 million bags of sugar from the sugar beet that we grow on the farm.

Biomass crops

Thoresby Farming supplies three anaerobic digesters with maize to produce green energy, all within a seven-mile radius of the main farm yard.

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