Our farm


contract farming

We adapt our arrangements to suit the landlord’s requirements allowing as little or as much as you wish. Our management team has deep knowledge and experience and uses the most appropriate and efficient machinery to achieve the highest standards of productivity. The front line field team is backed by equally efficient data gathering and analytics to give you the clearest financial and yield information to inform your decision making. We are advised and supported by many stakeholders in our success and especially by Hugh Baker FRICS and his office at Hubrural.

existing clients

The land we farm is on a range of agreements, we have contract farming arrangements with the Kneesall Estate and JCM Glassford Ltd, we also work with Meadow and Fernwood Agriculture on a stubble to stubble basis.  Thoresby farming is a tenant of Thoresby Estate, the Kneesall Estate as well as having annual cropping licences for potatoes and carrots with a range of landlords.  

crop storage

Recognising the importance of good crop storage in delivering our produce to our customers in the best possible condition we have long invested in this capability. 

In the home yard we have the following storage:

  • 2500 ton climate controlled store where produce can be held in range from 1C to 30C, this is all computer controlled to maintain temperature and humidity to keep the contents in ideal conditions. 
  • 1000 ton refrigerated cold store in which we can store produce at temperatures down to 3C.
  • Several additional insulated stores where we can hold produce in ambient conditions. 

For cereal storage we have a grain drier capable of 75t/hr enabling use to send crop to store at the specified moisture level and sufficient cereal storage to hold up to 10,000 tons on flat concrete floors with underfloor ventilation.

Finally, we have extensive covered space across multiple, secured sites available for non-produce storage.


“We have established a great working relationship with the professional, knowledgeable and friendly Thoresby Farming team.  A hard working and dedicated team ensures that the operations and procedures are carried out to the highest standards and in a timely manner.  Properly equipped with well-maintained, reliable machinery and competent personnel to operate it.  Their input allows me to juggle running the farming business while still being involved in other aspects of our family businesses.  We hope that this successful relationship continues for many years to come.”  Kate Cressey Fernwood Group